Chulala Deep Cleansing Mask

Kucha (sea silt) from Okinawa is finer and more absorbant than general clay (mud), it firmly removes dirt on the back of pores. In addition, we richly contain minerals derived from the ocean, generate negative ions, we promote skin metabolism by massage and support to regain the original beauty of the skin. Okinawa botanical ingredients formulated luxuriously deliver moisture to the back of the skin, leading to moist and glossy skin.

Deep cleansing removes clay ingredients including pores and dullness (skin stain) from Kucha from Okinawa. Your skin is slippery smooth! Tochima · Aloe · Seek Sirser formulation tends to be a clay mask feeling · dryness is suppressed, soak moist like skin to mouth! Moreover, the clay mask that can prevent adult acne by cleaning effect of moon peach leaf / kucha

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