The SSC (Shinohara Medical Skin Care Clinic) in Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture, is where HerbEAU was born. It is the largest "beauty and aging care facility" in Nagasaki prefecture where 200 to 300 people visit in a single day. HerbEAU is a brand created to solve many skin problems. 

The creation of HerbEAU involves physicians and pharmacists. Based on prescriptions that combine Phytotheraphy - European science based plant therapy, with advanced Japanese skincare science. 

Dr. Shinohara Mitsuhide, a certified dermatologist & Hisami Shinohara, a phytotheraphy aesthetician are the founders of SSC Skin clinic. They work with some of the best R&D specialist in order to create the best skin care line with Japanese and European technology to help women find their best skin.