Mote Mascara by Flow Fushi

A very highly rated fibre mascara - Flow Fushi has gained many Japanese awards for their line of mascaras & eyeliners. 

There are currently 5 types of Mote Mascara. All of these formulas contain lash repair essence and fibres, and are easy to remove with makeup remover and warm water. With the exception of the Navy blue mascara as it has more holding power for curls - which means it's harder to remove.

  • Pink Mote Mascara lengthens your lashes and in Natural Black
  • Orange Mote Mascara is Volumising in Deep Black
  • Gold Mote Mascara treats and repairs lashes in Brown
  • Sky Blue Mote Mascara has a comb wand and is in Dark Black
  • Navy Blue Mote Mascara holds curls in place all day long in Navy Blue.

Made in Japan

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