HerbEAU Happy Omamori Balm

Happy Omamori Balm is a multi functional balm that can be used all over the face & body (for dry spots , lips, elbows, cuticles, hair ends). It is made from a delicate balance of 6 key ingredients, including immortelle flower oil, avocado oil and buriti oil.

7 organic essential oils are blended to create this uplifting fragrance - calming you from inside out as well as bringing you happiness with it's scent. The 7 oils are ylang ylang, geranium, lavendar, palmarosa, vetiver, orange peel & grapefruit peel.

Extremely moisturising, it can be applied on sensitive skin - and the size is small enough to fit into your makeup pouch. 

Eco certified in Italy, made in Italy.


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