Gofun Nail ( Ueba Esou )

Gofun Nail ( Ueba Esou ) is a brand that produces water based, natural Nail Polish in Kyoto, Japan. It was originally a paint company that have been around for generations - more than 270 years old.

Using ancient paint making techniques, craftsmen crush leftover scallop shells to create a white pigment - "Gofun". This is then blended by a master craftsman to create pigment colours. Based on this old technique, they've managed to formulated a safe, water based and odour free nail polish formula that is inspired by their pigment collections.

Forget 3 or 5 free, this organic, water based nail polish has NO chemical fumes or odours and is perfectly safe for pregnant women and children. Add 1-3 drops of essential oil into the nail polish bottle for a relaxing effect.