Botanigrace Enzyme Powder Face Wash

  • This deep cleanser in powder form is formulated with Moroccan clay, baking soda & contains AHAs.These ingredients help to to break down dirt, absorb excess oil and slug off dead skin cells, and any other impurities from pores. Gentl sdrub on face each morning to combat blackheads, shine, clogging, melanin, etc and with time, watch the power of active enzymes work hard to melts them away.

    AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are derived from natural substances such as milk or fruits and are commonly used to exfoliate and stronger versions are used in anti-aging products.

    • Contains Papain and protease to break down old protein buildup
    • Charcoal and Moroccan clay to absorb and cleanse pores from impurities
    • 3 natural surfactant agents
    • NO Parabens, alcohol free , oil free , silicon free, NO tar based dye, NO UV absorbers, mineral oil free & fragrance free

    70g - Made in Japan


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