DHC Cleansing Oil Set

DHC Cleansing Oil is a bestselling product that has won many awards. This cleansing oil is comparable to the Shu Uemura cleansing oil at a more affordable price. It is able to remove even waterproof makeup. Gently rub onto skin to remove makeup - and rinse with warm water to emulsify the oil. 

This set from DHC contains:

  • DHC medicinal deep cleansing oil × 3 
  • DHC virgin olive oil moisturiser 30ml x 1

DHC Olive Virgin Oil moisturiser is gentle and effective on all skin types. Made from the oil of handpicked, organic olives, this ultra-hydrating and lightweight facial oil neutralizes free radicals while nourishing your skin. Olive oil supports skin’s natural moisture barrier without irritating or clogging pores. Non-greasy texture. Warm a couple of drops between your palms, gently press onto your face, and apply onto face.

Get a steal of 3 bottles plus a moisturiser at this special price. 

Free shipping to Malaysia & Singapore. Extra USD10 for shipping to USA, Australia & New Zealand.


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