DHC Makeup Lucky Bag 2017

DHC is a popular Japanese cosmetics brand that consistently produces top ranking beauty products each year. This is one of their New Year Lucky Bag sets.

This revealed Lucky Bag contains:

  • DHC Perfect eye shadow palette [Golden Brown] 4.8 g of × 1 piece 
  • DHC Gel Pencil Eyeliner EX [Brown] 0.1G × 1 this 
  • DHC Super Long Mascara EX 7G × 1 this 
  • DHC eyebrow mascara [Natural Brown] 5.5G × 1 this 
  • DHC eyebrow perfect professional (ellipse pencil) [soft brown] 0.2G × 1 this 
  • DHC eyebrow perfect professional (holder) [with screw brush] × 1 this 
  • DHC face colour palette EX (teak color) [Healthy Orange] 5G × one 
  • DHC Moisture care lip stick EX [BE111] 2.4 g of × 1 this

 Made in Japan

*Price includes free shipping to Malaysia, Singapore & USA.

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