DHC Medicinal Q10 Lucky Bag 2017

Medicinal Q series contains the key ingredient coenzyme Q10, whose properties help maintain the youthfulness of skin

Lucky Bag contains:

  • DHC medicinal Q lotion (quasi-drug) 160mL × 1
  • DHC medicinal Q face milk (quasi-drug) 100mL × 1
  • DHC medicinal Q face cream (quasi-drug) 50g × 1
  • DHC medicinal Q pack sheet (quasi-drug) x 1

This range from DHC has moisturizing, whitening & anti aging properties to enhance skin firmness. Might feel sticky at first application, but it will be absorbed quickly into skin.
No fragrance · coloring · paraben free · natural ingredients combination.

Coenzyme Q10 is said to decrease at peak of 20 years, despite being an important ingredient that keeps the skin supple and moisturized.

DHC has been researching coenzyme Q10 for over six years. As a result, DHC has formulated this range with a high concentration of Q10. Anti Aging care will protect skin from the ravages of time and ultraviolet rays, helping you maintain youthful and beautiful skin.

Price Includes Shipping to Malaysia & Singapore, Extra USD10 for shipping to USA , NZ & Australia.

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