Flow Fushi 38 degrees Lip Treatment

  • The color of each person's lips is different due to the difference in our blood temperature. This lip product aims to give everyone's lips that gorgeous, slightly flushed lip color of the optimal 38 degree body temperature. LIP 38 ℃ is blended luxuriously with Flow Fushi's unique serum ingredient "end mineral*". It increases your bloog circulation and leads to 38°C, rosy colored lips. * End mineral is a natural mineral ore that generates the same highly concentrated minus ions as the natural earth. It is a component of attention that various beauty effects are expected. Also, this producut does not just provide basic moisturizing care. So many lip products need to be reapplied constantly. What's unique about this lip treatment is that it is created to hone in on your body's natural ability to moisten. By using Lauric Acid bacteria "La Flora" that works on the skin's indigenous bacteria, aka "moisture bacteria", this was formulated as the first lip product in the world using bacteria. It nurtures the lips to a self moisturizing state even after meals when the product is smudged off. After balancing your lip flora and taking it with meals etc., your lips will increase in moisturisation. SPF20・PA++

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