Flow Fushi Area Foundy Concealer

Flow Fushi's Are Foundy concealer is a drug store product that is just as good as any department store product! The attention to detail that was put into crafting the brush 

It comes in 2 shades - Natural (light coverage) & High Coverage. This liquid foundation/concealer is made for the under eye areas of the face as well as highlight points.

With one stroke of the brush, this one product can give your under eye area a clear glow that neither a concealer nor a highlighter alone could provide.

It contains the proprietary End Mineral beauty ingredient, a beauty serum base creates a lighter-than-air veil that restores firmness under the eyes and lifts the jaw line for ultimate dimensionality. . Cover, SPF28 PA ++. Natural, SPF27 PA ++.

The brushes are made in the Kumano region of Japan. This  region of Japan is famous for it's centuries of brush manufacturing. It is where high end brushes like Hakuhodo, Suqqu and Koyudo are crafted! This may be a drug store product, but there's no skimping on the quality here! think of it as a much more affordable, entry level Kumano brush :) 

You won't waste such a high quality brush head. When you have finished the concealer, you can screw off the brush head and buy a new refill to attach the brush head to!

Made in Japan

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