Pelican For Back Spray (Back Acne)

  • Pelican For Back spray is a natural alternative to prevent and cure bacne (back acne). Normal body cleansing may not remove all bacteria and clogged pores results in back ance. If you're not feeling confident about showing off your back.
    The ingredients are not harsh, suitable for sensitive skin*, but it takes a bit longer of usage compared to the Kobayashi Back Spray. Also, this product can be shipped to most countries as it has a low alcohol content.
    For best results, use with the For Back Cleansing Bar (Step 1). After cleansing, pat dry with a clean towel and then spray this on to close back pores and treat bacne. You should notice your bacne decreasing every week. You can start using healing products on bacne scars (e.g: vitamin E) after there is no new bacne growing.

    *Always do a patch test first just in case