Gofun Nail Organic Polish Set

This set contains one Gofun Nail Polish and one Tamahada Hand cream. Keep your hands moisturised and nails neat with this lovely set from Ueba Esou.

“Gofun Nail Polish,” uses organic solvents, so it is free from odours or fumes, and is extremely quick-drying. The pearl nacre from crushed scallop shells also gives a beautiful shine to fingernails. 

Made in Kyoto using ancient paint making techniques handed down from generations, this is indeed a very special nail polish.

It can easily be removed with rubbing alcohol, and doesn't need a nail polish remover.

  • Extremely quick-drying.
  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Aroma oils can be added as it is water based.
  • None of the strong odour found in conventional nail polishes.
  • Will not harden in the container like conventional nail polish, so no wastage.
  • Fingernails can breath due to the use of an oxygen-permeable binder

Made in Japan

Enji (red)
Mint ice
Sango (coral)
Ichicomilk (light pink)
Ai ( dark blue)

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