Hakuhodo New Year/Xmas Brush Set

Hakuhodo is heralded as one of the best makers of of Luxury cosmetic brushes in Japan. With years of history, each one of their brushes is hand made in the Kumano region of Japan.

Contains Hakuhodo Brushes number B110, B004, B005 in Limited Edition White wooden handle, and nickle plated brass.

The hairs of the brushes are carefully selected and hand combed by expert craftsmen. Any hair that is bent or of inferior quality will be removed.

The reason why these brushes are some of the softest in the world is because Hakuhodo never cut hairs to shape the bristles, and they have a patent on this technique. Many commercially produced brushes today use cut hair which feels rougher on the face.

Hand crafted in the Kumano region of Japan

Free Shipping to Malaysia & Singapore, Extra USD10 for shipping to USA, NZ & Australia & Europe.

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