Kinka 24K Gold Moisturizer

Legend states that Cleopatra was known to use gold in her beauty routine to maintain her youth and beauty. From the deserts to ancient Japan, gold has been used in beauty routines for centuries. What could feel more luxurious than incorporating gold leaf into your daily routine?

Use on cleansed and toned skin, preferably after serum or essence.

Contains 2 kinds of collagen, gold leaf, platinum and aloe barbadensis leaf extract. This moisturizes and seals the goodness from the serum and toner. 

Kinka gold skincare is made by Hakuichi - a brand that has been specialising in Gold Leaf products for years. Hakuichi products are made in the Kanazawa region - where over 96% of Japan's gold leaf is produced.

With so much history and culture behind the creation of this brand, there's just so many reasons to splurge on some luxury 24K gold products.

*Do not use if you have a metal allergy

Made in Japan

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