Kobayashi Senacure Back Acne Spray

"Since I  was young, had problems with seasonal back acne breakouts - especially since I was sporty in high school - sweat made the bacne worse! Other products that worked so well on my face - did nothing for my back and it made me ashamed to wear nice swimming suits when I had back breakouts. After discovering this product in Japan , my back cleared up pretty quickly!

I've tried a few other methods and products that worked, but not this FAST! It is currently the most effective bacne spray I've ever tried!"

-Kaylee - founder & beautyholic -

This newly invented medicated spray treats acne spots on the back easily. Breakouts on the back are caused by various bacteria - not just acne bacteria. Those bacteria include Malassezia and Staphylococcus.

Also, you can spray this on from any awkward angle or even upside-down (trust the Japanese to think of the best spray design), and it will spray with no problems! You can use it on your back and décolleté area.

Senacure kills acne-causing bacteria, improves redness, repairs scarred skin tissue, and makes skin smooth again.

How to Use:
Spray onto the affected area in the morning and at night for treatment of acne. You should start seeing results after 1-2 weeks of usage.  *Ingredients are a bit strong so make sure to patch test first!

Contents: 100g
Made in Japan.

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