Quality First All in One Mask - BOFO

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    This All in One mask is used in place of lotion/toner, beauty serum, and milk lotion. Just use the sheet mask after cleansing.

    For Pink Moist, it's 35 beauty ingredients, it contains Baby collagen (a type of collagen which exists only in childhood period of skin), hyaluronic acid (the king of moisturizing ingredients), ceramide · lecithin (moisturizing ingredient which plays a role as lipid not missing moisture ), Vitamin C derivative (for mild brightening properties), EGF (aging care), etc. Woven from 100% cotton and pure water from the Ehime prefecture of Japan.


    Pink - Moist - 7 Sheet Pack x 2 = 14 sheets in total 

    Blue - Whitening - 5 Sheet Pack = 10 sheets in total

    Black - The Best - 5 Sheet Pack = 10 sheets in total

    Made in Japan

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